Introducing me.

I live and work in the North of Scotland where I try to raise children, animals and vegetables whilst attempting to remain positive in the face of no sleep, slugs, a lot of mud, and an increasingly messed up world.  I prefer being outside to in, love books (nothing too highbrow), a dram, and messing about on the shore.

I care about the environment, fairness, and being humane.  It bothers me that we are sleep walking towards huge environmental problems whilst those in charge ponder airport expansion, Hinkley point, drilling and taking, when they should be looking at population control (and I mean all of us, especially us massive western consumers), food security, and ways that we can take less and use less. Government are too scared of loosing votes and falling out with the big boys to do the right thing.

I want an independent Scotland, not because I’m a raving nationalist, but because the UK government is dragging us back in time down a nasty, inward looking xenophobic route. Many of the problems that we face up here are not the same as those effecting the rest of the UK, if this was not the case there would not have been the massive discrepancy between countries on the outcome of the Brexit vote.

Writing stuff down or talking helps me process things, so I thought I would try this for a while as it might help me be more thorough and analytical with myself.  Currently I spout forth my theories, opinions and observations on my long suffering nearest and dearest, but maybe this way Ill get more (or less) than grunts back!